Naturally Half-Caff.

100% Excelsa Coffee.

The Excelsa Coffee Bean heralds tart and fruity flavor profiles, and is a naturally half-caffeinated coffee bean. Give this bean a try and enjoy coffee forever.

Meet the Excelsa Coffee Bean

Discovered only in 1904, and misclassified under Liberica. Excelsa is now classified as its own independent species of Coffee.

Meet the Hero if this Story

Excelsa coffee bean production makes up about 1% of the global coffee bean production. This number is expected to grow at 200% CAGR by 2030.

Naturally Half-Caffeinated

Whether you take your coffee like cold brew or hot, reep the benefits of coffee while enjoying it all day as a half-caf alternative.

Sustainable for changes in climate

Vietnam and Chad are respectively the leading producing countries of the crop. But other countries in the region also produce.

The Rarest & Most Sought After Coffee

Quickly growing in popularity around the globe, but still incredibly rare. Excelsa is the most unique of the coffee beans in the world.

Excelsa Coffee Bean:

This little bean grows high in a sturdy tree that is a descendant of the Liberica tree. Excelsa requires little water in places that receive very little rainfall. Making it a sturdy and dependable crop.

Excelsa Coffee, discovered in 1904, accounts for only 1% of the world’s coffee market share and is considered a rarity due to its long ripening time and height of over 30 feet. It is highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs and is only available in specialist shops. The taste is strong, aromatic, and earthy, making it a favorite of those who appreciate a unique and pronounced coffee flavor.

Excelsa bean is tart and fruity, with attributes of both light and dark roasts.

Where is Excelsa Coffee Bean Grown?

Excelsa coffee beans are grown in Chad, other places of cultivation are Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Central African Republic, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Meet some of the farmers:

Growing excelsa for over 45 years, Maris farms yield 45 tons of excelsa and sell to countries around the globe.

Maris Farms

Africa (several countries)


Coffee Brokers


The South India Coffee Company was started in 2017 by a husband and wife duo. They are 5th generation coffee planters from Coorg, one of the oldest coffee growing regions in India.



Coffee Excel



Costa Rica

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