Naturally Half-Caff®

100% Excelsa Coffee

Excelsa originated in the Philippines and has been anciently crafted into perfection by the people of the Philippines for 300 years.

Excelsa offers the World’s the most unique flavor profile, is sustainable and NATURALLY Half Caffeinated.

Meet your new favorite forever coffee bean.


We exist to source the highest quality Excelsa Coffee Beans from around the world and share them with YOU.

Single Country Origin Sourced

Our Collections are all sourced from single country origin farms to celebrate the unique flavor profile of Excelsa Coffee Beans from around the world.

Small Batch and Custom Roasted

We import Green and Organically certified Excelsa Coffee Beans to our roasting facility in California and roast only small batch assortments.

Highly Curated Quality

We require rigorous certification, growing, and samples to ensure the Excelsa we harvest is the best tasting and highest quality Excelsa in the world.

Sustainably Sourced

Excelsa Coffee Beans grow high on trees, requiring humans to hand pick each batch. There is no industrial complex, or automated machinery involved.

Why Excelsa Coffee?

Naturally Half-Caff.

Throw away your tasteless “half-caff” or stomach upsetting coffee alternatives, Excelsa is here with 40% the caffeine of your normal cup of Joe. Making it a naturally half-caff option for your morning ritual.

Sustainable. No Big Coffee Welcome.

Excelsa Coffee Beans require less water to grow, and more climate change resistant, and require fair trade farmers to hand pick each batch. No big coffee business industrial complex needed here.

A Flavor Like No Other.

Excelsa has a tarty, fruity, and unique flavor profile with both light and dark roasts notes. Fall in love with this incredibly unique specialty coffee.

Restore your morning ritual forever with specialty naturally half-caff excelsa.

Excelsa Kenya

Kenya’s excelsa coffee beans offer a vibrant and complex flavor profile, marked by bright acidity, fruity notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit, and a distinct earthiness that beautifully captures the rich and diverse terroir of the country’s natural environment.

Excelsa Nicaragua

Excelsa coffee beans from Nicaragua present a unique flavor profile with hints of tropical fruit, honey, and a subtle smokiness, mirroring the country’s lush rainforests, volcanic terrain, and the harmonious blend of biodiversity within its natural environment.

Excelsa Vietnam

Excelsa coffee beans from Vietnam offer a distinctive flavor profile characterized by a bold, tart acidity, spicy notes, and a dark, full-bodied richness, echoing the country’s tropical climate, mountainous landscapes, and the fusion of spices and herbs.

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We are the Original Excelsa Coffee Company!

We exist as an international organization dedicated to the growth, maintenance and sustainability of the excelsa coffee bean industry. We align producers to suppliers and buyers, and invest in marketing efforts to raise awareness about the potential of Excelsa coffee, and care deeply about bringing the best of Excelsa to the world.