Our Mission:

We exist to support and lift up Excelsa Coffee farms around the world, and share only the highest quality Excelsa Coffee Beans with you.

  • The finest quality.

    Hand picked from excelsa coffee farms we are helping develop from around the world. Lifting farmers, distributors and craftsmen up.

  • Tested and true.

    Rigorously Tested for Quality, Purity, and Excellence. Transparent for fair trade, equity, and fairness to those that grow excelsa.

  • Found where the best coffee is sold.

    Seeking mindful coffee consumers that want to break free from bitter, burnt, jittery big business coffee. Excelsa is here for a new path forward.

The rarest of excelsa

Excelsa. Indonesia.

Hand-picked by farmers from tall ladders, Indonesian Excelsa is a full body, front to back palette flavor profile with hints of chocolate and cherry.

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Smooth and Consistent

Excelsa. Vietnam.

Excelsa has been a staple of coffee culture in Vietnam for generations. Excelsa Vietnam is smooth yet bold, citrusy and fruity.

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The birthplace of Excelsa

Excelsa. Philppines.

Philippines gifted the world Excelsa. Philippines excelsa is a journey into nostalgia and tranquility.

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The Original Excelsa Coffee Company