Naturally Half Caff

100% Pure Excelsa Coffee

Unlocking the hidden gem of coffee.

We source, rigorously test, roast, and distribute only the World’s Best Excelsa Coffee.


We exist to source the highest quality Excelsa Coffee Beans from around the world, roast them, and share them with YOU.

Hand picked and sourced from around the world.

Our Collections are all only sourced from the best single country origin farms to celebrate the unique flavor profile of Excelsa Coffee Beans from around the world.

Rigorously Tested for Quality, Purity, and Excellence.

We rigorously test for purity including DNA fingerprinting, chemical profiling, mold testing and quality control to ensure every batch we bring to market is the most excellent of excelsa.

Roasted to Perfection by the grandfather of Excelsa.

Our Head Roast Master begin roasted Excelsa and swearing by its highest qualities for decades now. We bring this expertise into every batch that is roasted and cultivated.

Distributed to only the best coffee shops and stores, and you.

Our coffee is available only in the finest coffee shops and stores that aim to provide a new experience to the most concerning of consumers. Our batches are also here online.

Why Excelsa Coffee?

Naturally Half-Caff.

Throw away your tasteless “half-caff” or stomach upsetting coffee alternatives, Excelsa is here with 40% the caffeine of your normal cup of Joe. Making it a naturally half-caff option for your morning ritual.

Sustainable. No Big Coffee Welcome.

Excelsa Coffee Beans require less water to grow, and more climate change resistant, and require fair trade farmers to hand pick each batch. No big coffee business industrial complex needed here.

A Flavor Like No Other.

Excelsa has a tarty, fruity, and unique flavor profile with both light and dark roasts notes. Fall in love with this incredibly unique specialty coffee.

Restore your morning ritual forever with specialty naturally half-caff excelsa.

Excelsa South Sudan

South Sudan’s excelsa coffee beans offer a vibrant and complex flavor profile, marked by bright acidity, fruity notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit, and a distinct earthiness that beautifully captures the rich and diverse terroir of the country’s natural environment.

Excelsa Nicaragua

Excelsa coffee beans from Nicaragua present a unique flavor profile with hints of tropical fruit, honey, and a subtle smokiness, mirroring the country’s lush rainforests, volcanic terrain, and the harmonious blend of biodiversity within its natural environment.

Excelsa Vietnam

Excelsa coffee beans from Vietnam offer a distinctive flavor profile characterized by a bold, tart acidity, spicy notes, and a dark, full-bodied richness, echoing the country’s tropical climate, mountainous landscapes, and the fusion of spices and herbs.

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We are the Original Excelsa Coffee Company!

We started drinking Excelsa long before it was cool. We loved the fruity flavor, the tartness, and the smooth half-caff buzz that was naturally in every cup… since day one we had a nagging thought: why doesn’t everyone think this is so cool, and how come the world doesn’t know about excelsa?! We spent years sourcing, roasting, and putting in the efforts to find out what it took to make the best cup of coffee… and that cup is excelsa coffee. We are excited to share it with the world.