About Us

Excelsa Coffee Company Co-Founders Olin Patterson and Michael Mazzotta roasting another hand sourced batch of Excelsa.

It all started with a simple desire for a smoother, less anxiety-inducing coffee alternative. Co-Founder Michael, a full-time commercial real estate broker, researched his way into finding the naturally half-caffeine Excelsa Coffee Bean and was instantly hooked. Sharing his discovery with his friend Olin, a consumer package expert with a history of scaling successful products like Avocado oil, sparked a new passion.

Together, they embarked on a multi-year personal quest, not just savoring this unique coffee but also venturing into the world of sourcing. They traveled and handpicked beans from farms around the globe, sharing their discoveries with friends and family. As requests for more Excelsa poured in, Michael and Olin saw a glaring gap in the market. The Excelsa industry was fragmented, quality inconsistent, and consumers often received subpar beans disguised as the real deal.

Driven by a desire to deliver the true Excelsa experience, they took a bold step. They teamed up with DNA scientists, chemical experts, and even formed a dedicated coalition. They partnered with their favorite Excelsa roaster to build a roasting facility. Their mission: to meticulously source and roast the best Excelsa, pushing boundaries and testing countless samples on their journey to uncover the ultimate cup. They reveled in the fact that Excelsa’s scientific name, Coffea excelsa, translates to “highest quality coffee,” making their pursuit even more meaningful.

That’s when the lightbulb moment struck. They could share this exceptional coffee with the world, not just through individual sourcing but through wider distribution. As farms, inspired by Michael and Olin’s passion, started dedicating more land to Excelsa cultivation, the opportunity became undeniable.

While others might have entered the Excelsa market first, Michael and Olin are driven by a different force: pure passion. They travel far and wide, meticulously testing each batch, ensuring that every cup delivered is not just good, but the absolute best. They pour their love for this unique coffee into every step, sharing not just a product, but an experience with every bag they send out.

This, in essence, is the Excelsa Coffee story. It’s a tale of discovery, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of the perfect cup. It’s a journey that started with a shared passion and now aims to bring the world the true taste of Excelsa, one sip at a time.