Welcome to Excelsa Coffee, Inc. – Your Partner in Excelsa Coffee Excellence!

🌱 About Excelsa Coffee: At Excelsa Coffee, Inc. we are passionate about cultivating the extraordinary Excelsa coffee bean, a hidden gem in the world of coffee. With changing climates impacting arabica and robusta production globally, Excelsa coffee emerges as a resilient and all-natural solution, offering a distinctive flavor profile and adaptability to diverse growing conditions.

🌎 Facing Climate Challenges: As climate changes affect traditional coffee varieties, farmers are seeking sustainable alternatives. Excelsa coffee, known for its unique flavor and adaptability, stands as a beacon of hope. Our mission is to support farms and coffee producers in transitioning to Excelsa coffee, a non-GMO, all-natural solution that thrives in various climates.

🤝 In Partnership with the Philippine Coffee Board: Rooted in the rich heritage of the Philippines, Excelsa coffee has been nurtured and perfected by farmers for nearly 300 years. At Excelsa Coffee Inc., we are proud to collaborate with the Philippine Coffee Board, the custodian of Excelsa coffee’s legacy. Our partnership is dedicated to providing resources, support, and expertise to farmers keen on exploring the potential of Excelsa coffee.

🌱 Our Commitment to Farmers:

  • Education: We understand the importance of knowledge in successful coffee cultivation. Through our partnership with the Philippine Coffee Board, we offer comprehensive education programs to guide farmers in excelling at Excelsa coffee production, harvesting, and roasting.
  • Seedlings: To kickstart your Excelsa coffee journey, we provide high-quality seedlings sourced and approved by the Philippine Coffee Board. Our goal is to ensure that farmers have access to the best resources for a thriving Excelsa coffee plantation.

🌐 Join the Excelsa Coffee Movement: By choosing Excelsa coffee, you’re not just growing a crop; you’re joining a movement to redefine the future of coffee production. Whether you are a seasoned coffee producer or a farm looking for sustainable alternatives, We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

📞 Get in Touch: Ready to embark on your Excelsa coffee journey? Contact us today to explore the possibilities, receive educational resources, and access top-quality Excelsa coffee seedlings.